Meet Our Staff

Alpaca to Apparel is a family owned and operated business based in Luxemburg, Wisconsin.  Our staff has a passion for providing you with an exceptional experience every time you visit. 

Alpaca to Apparel Family

Owner and President Benjamin Kornowski

Benjamin is a marketing and management major at the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay.  He has extensive knowledge of the alpaca industry around the world.  Benjamin has spent extensive time in Peru working with the top producers and artisan knitters who make the exclusive garments Alpaca to Apparel offers to you.  Benjamin takes great pride and feels that one of the greatest assets of the business are those around him for without them the culture that Alpaca to Apparel is known for would not be possible.  Ben is available at the Luxemburg or Fish Creek locations.

When Benjamin is not at Alpaca to Apparel or studying you can find him running along a windy country road or on one of the many trails that Wisconsin has to offer.

Elderberry Acres Charles & Kelly Kornowski

Charles & Kelly own the 120 acre farm in Kewaunee County that the female alpacas and their cria graze on.  Kelly and is an avid gardener growing thousands of bulbs of garlic a year.  She says that the most rewarding aspect of being part of Alpaca to Apparel is people that she has the privilege to meet.  Charles enjoys taking part in many of the behind the scenes activities at Alpaca to Apparel.  He enjoys growing grapes and cutting wood from the forests at on the farmstead.

Sandy Ridge Farm Paula DeJardin

Paula owns the family farmstead in Kewaunee, WI that hosts Alpaca to Apparel's male haucaya alpacas.  Along with the alpacas,  Paula inhabits the farm with her two sisters, Alice and Judy and brother in law Mike.  They all get involved with the farm as well.  Judy and Mike help with the animals while Alice crochets many blankets and scarves available at Alpaca to Apparel locations.

Paula also has extensive experience traveling to all parts of Peru and meeting with some of the best produces and raisers of alpacas.

Grandma Phyllis Olson

Born in 1920 Phyllis has extensive knowledge of needle work and sewing.  She is no longer able to be present in the store but her knowledge of the textile world is still transforming operations at Alpaca to Apparel.  Since she is no longer in the store she has plenty of time to catch up on her cross stitching and bake her famous molasses cookies.