Heavy Boot Alpaca Socks

Heavy Boot Alpaca Socks

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Our Heavy Boot Sock is our warmest and most popular sock.  It is a great slipper sock, essential hunting sock, and extraordinary for going outside in the winter time.  The sock fits in both shoes and boots adding an extra plush cushion to each step.

These socks are made of alpaca and wick moisture so that if your feet sweat or if you go out into a moist area and your shoes get wet, the socks wick the moisture away and keep your feet nice and dry.  Alpaca also does not hold a scent making it only necessary to wash these socks every 4-5 times that you wear them.

Now with more alpaca content than ever!

61% Alpaca / 26% Acrylic / 9% Nylon / 4% Elastic

Please note that the composition of the small brown socks is still the old blend of:

48% Alpaca / 40% Acrylic / 8% Nylon / 4% Spandex

Shoe Size          S            M              L               XL

Women             5-8         8-10        10-12 

Men                  4-7          7-9           9-11          11+