Crew Alpaca Socks

Crew Alpaca Socks

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This is Alpaca to Apparels casual, elastic, durable, and usuer friendly Crew Sock. Made extra thick for comfort and warmth, the crews can be put in your washer and dryer without the worry of shrinkage! We guarantee our socks will Alpaca-Punch from a practicality point. With no scent and the fibers wicking away moisture better than any other material, socks are a great way to become a part of the alpaca culture. 

Please add your color preference to the comments at checkout. Available in black, purple, white, red, and silver when supplies last.

Shoe Size          S            M              L               XL

Women             5-8         8-10        10-12 

Men                  4-7          7-9           9-11          11+