NEW! Ski and Snowboard Socks

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Newly redesigned with more style and and more alpaca. If you are looking to hit the slopes or take a long walk through the fall leaves.  A winter wonderland has never been easier to enjoy than with these Alpaca Ski & Snowboard Socks.  Naturally Warm, Ultra-Soft, and Extra thick where ski boots rub to prevent blisters.
Alpaca wicks away moisture the fastest!
  • Hydrophobic - they repel water
  • Non-Allergenic – not itchy or scratchy
  • Antimicrobial - feet stay odor free longer
  • Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on low or airdry. We suggest to NOT put in a hot dryer.

64% Alpaca/28% Acrylic/5% Spandex/2% Elastic/1% Nylon

Shoe Size          S / M              L  / XL

Women             5-10                 10+

Men                  4-9                     9+