Premium Alpaca Theraputic Socks

Premium Alpaca Theraputic Socks

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Our Premium Theraputic Sock is nonbinding and stretches to fit the largest and smallest of calves.  There is no need to worry about uncomfortable impressions left in the leg due to the tightness of a sock because this sock only provides comfort.

These socks are made of alpaca and wick moisture so that if your feet sweat or if you go out into a moist area and your shoes get wet, the socks wick the moisture away and keep your feet nice and dry.  Alpaca also does not hold a scent making it only necessary to wash these socks every 4-5 times that you wear them.

64% Alpaca / 27% Acrylic / 5% Nylon / 4% Elastic

Shoe Size          S            M              L               XL

Women             5-8         8-10        10-12 

Men                  4-7          7-9           9-11          11+