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1 Caring for Alpaca Garments
1.1 How do I wash my alpaca garment?

Alpaca does not hold a scent, so there is no reason to launder the item very often.  We recommend spot washing by hand with a shampoo or delicate detergent in cold water and lying flat to dry.  The garments can also be dry cleaned.

1.2 How do I care for alpaca socks?

Because our socks contain other fibers, you are able to launder socks in a wash machine.  When it comes to drying, we recommend lying flat to dry or drying on low heat in the dryer.

1.3 My stuffed alpaca animal has been held too much by the kids. Any way to make it look new again?

If any of your fur products are looking matted down, simply take a hair brush and brush the fur.  This will fluff the fur back up and it will look like new.  If there is dirt on the fur, use a light detergent or shampoo and a little cold water to clean the area.  Allow to dry and run a brush through the fur.

2 Dryer Balls
2.1 I miss the fresh scent from the dryer sheets. Anything I can do?

You can add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to one of the alpaca dryer balls.  The smell will be released as the load of laundry is heated to dry.  This will leave the scent you choose in the laundry.

2.2 What is the purpose of alpaca dryer balls?

Alpaca dryer balls are an environmentally friendly way to help with laundry.  They are reusable, reduce the drying time, and absorb static in the laundry.  Using alpaca dryer balls will eliminate the need for harsh fabric softener sheets in the laundry.  

2.3 How long do the alpaca dryer balls last?

Our dryer balls last between three and five years, depending on the amount of laundry you do.  

2.4 How many alpaca dryer balls do I need?

We recommend three alpaca dryer balls.  This creates more air pockets and reduces the drying time.  Having three alpaca dryer balls also absorbs the static in the laundry.

3 Alpaca Treatment
3.1 Are the alpacas harmed in making the clothing?

No alpacas are ever harmed in making our products.  Each spring, alpacas are sheered, just like sheep.  The fibers are then spun into the yarns and fabrics used to produce our stunning and luxurious clothing.